Censor searches for the best gamers in India


Censor searches for the best gamers in India

India is the second-most populated country in the world, and behind these busy streets, there’s a new interest on the rise – professional gaming. While some gamers are gaining popularity around the world, here in India, they’re just getting started. I want to see the struggles they have here, as a gamer, in India and if being a gamer in India is anything like online gambling South Africa or being a gamer in the United States . Slow internet speeds and a lack of consoles haven’t stopped Indians of trying their best in the rising sport of professional gaming. (OLYMPIC OUTPOSTS (PRESENTED BY BRIDGESTONE) (INDIA, MUMBAI) My name is Doug Martin, also known as FaZe Censor, and I’ve been playing video games my whole life. I travelled all the way to the other side of the world, to Mumbai, to see how Indians are competing in professional gaming.

Team Brutality is the number one ranked team here in India. I’m going to go meet up with V3nom, also known as Ankit, captain of Team Brutality. Let’s go.

– Ankit. – Yeah, bro. – Nice to meet you, man. – Same here, man. – This your spot?

– Yeah, this is my place. – Let’s go inside. – Let’s go.

Yeah, this is my room. This is awesome, dude. This is really cool. So I started playing video games when I was eight years old, maybe. When did you start playing video games? I started when I was 15 years old, yeah.

There was a new cafe opened in my building. I didn’t know that it was a gaming cafe till I went inside. And that’s when I thought that, OK, this is something that I can do. So how long do you play, again? Like six, seven hours? So normally, on an average, around four to five hours every day.

But before tournaments, we shoot it up to eight hours. If you are a professional player, and if you have to compete in tournaments, you have to keep learning the game. That’s what it’s all about.

I do the same exact thing. I just can’t help but think, we literally live across the world from each other, but we live, like, the same exact life. What internet connection do you guys have here?

So I have three internet connections because in tournaments, basically, you are disqualified for that if your internet goes down. So I didn’t want to take that risk. So dude, your set-up is dope. What’s your favourite thing about your set-up?

I personally like my new Corsair 500D – cabinet obsidian. It’s beautiful. When I started, I had to struggle a lot because I didn’t have a computer, and I used to go and play at a friend’s place. When my parents, I could convince them that you need to buy me a second-hand computer, also, if you can.

We had to save a lot to get that computer. So having my own set-up now is very emotional for me. Gaming’s not my only passion. I also like to go to the gym. You want to work out with me? Well, sure.

Let’s go. So usually what I like to do in my routine is I wake up. I get some food. I go to the gym and I go straight into gaming.

Can you take me through one of your routines? – Yeah, definitely. Let’s go.

– Let’s do it, man. Let’s see what you got, Ankit. This guy’s repping this out right now. You’re toying with these weights.

I’m going to take Ankit through one of my favourite ever workouts. My buddy back in the US showed me this. Let’s see if Ankit can keep up.

Oh, my lord. Oh, my God. – That burns, right?

– This is not easy. Let’s go. One more.

How do you feel? – Oh. – Good? I don’t feel anything. My God.

Five years ago, when I first started working out, I couldn’t even get this one time. People used to pick on me and say that I was too skinny, and they didn’t want to hang out with me because I was frail. So I just used all that towards motivation going into the gym. I still game hard, but I train every single day, too. People think that gamers are not fit, and they smoke, they drink, all these bad habits.

They’re not fitness freaks. But in India, I want to change that. I kind of love fitness, and that’s what I’m trying to promote.

Did they ever pick on you as a kid? They used to call me skeleton. They used to call me hanger.

– What do they call you now? – Just V3nom. They just don’t say anything?

Just V3nom? – Just V3nom. – I like that.

All right, man. This was awesome. We had a good lift. I came all the way to India to see how you guys game. Can you take me to a gaming cafe?

Definitely. Let’s go. All right, guys.

I’m here, outside my first gaming cafe in India. Ankit from Team Brutality has already set up a match with his team. We’re going to go inside and check them out. Yo, so is this the squad? I’m V3nom.

I’m the entry fragger of the team. This guy is RiX. He’s the AWPer of the team.

He’s Juventa. And he’s the in-game leader. And he’s Astarr. He’s the lurker of the team. Our fifth has exams today, so he’s not here, unfortunately.

So what you’re trying to say is that this is going to be – like my tryout then, right? – Yes, could be. So you could show me what you got, and maybe I could – Definitely, if you wish to, yeah. All right. Cool. Let’s do it, bro.

– You got it? – Yeah. So you guys don’t want to use the stuff that they have here? No, because every cafe has a different set-up, so basically we practise with our own set-up at home, also when we are playing tournaments. So you’re more comfortable using this.

More comfortable using our own set-ups. I got you, bro. So the guys are all set up now. They’re all ready to go. This is my first time here in a gaming cafe. I’m really excited.

Let’s get started. OK. We are going live in 20 seconds. Follow us. Follow us.

I’m flying in. Let’s go. I hit him.

He’s weak. Two guys. Two guys rushing me. – I’m covering your back. – I got him. I got him.

Oh! Give me that! Let’s go! Oh, my God. – Ankit, let’s go.

– Nice. It’s overtime. Your team needs you, dude. I got to see what you got, OK? Let’s do it, man.

Not the best game, not the worst game. It’s a lot of fun playing with these guys, though. Oh!

Let’s go! Let’s go, boys. How important are these cafes to the future of gaming in India? Well, the cafe life in India is very important. Over 80% to 90% of the gamer is under 20. They cannot afford a high-spec gaming PC.

And the second thing is parents’ permission is a very crucial thing in India. They don’t get their parents’ permission, so they have to go to a gaming cafe to play video games. Because parents think that this is not the future. But it’s changing now, hopefully.

So when Team Brutality started, how did you get from where it started to where it is now? In the beginning, no-one knew us, right? No-one expected us to win any tournaments. But then, when we suddenly came and won the tournament, then people got suspicious. And they thought that these guys are hacking.

No-one can just come out of nowhere and then beat the best team in India. And then, they saw, no, these guys actually play good. All right, guys. That was a lot of fun. This has been an awesome day so far.

I want to go check out another gaming cafe. You guys down? – Yeah, let’s do that.

– All right. Let’s do it, bro. All right, guys. The last cafe was awesome.

Where we headed to next? So this the Level Up Cafe in New Bombay. So basically, these guys host the regional qualifiers for the bigger events. So let’s go in and have some fun. – Let’s play a match.

– Yeah, let’s go. Guys, I’m here in Level Up gaming cafe. I got Team Brutality over here on my left. And as you guys know, I am their honorary fifth man today. I’m trying out for their spot. And I got another squad over here.

So we’re going to face off against this team in the back room, over there. Let’s do it. We’re going to play first to 10 rounds. Let’s go. Oh. I wasn’t watching their back and they accosted us.

Let’s go. They can come from here. They can come from here – both sides. Good job.

Good job. These guys are crushing it right now. Four more rounds. Nice.

Playing my second game with the team. I feel a lot more comfortable. It’s definitely a lot easier playing now. One more round. Let’s go. Ooh.

We’ve got this, bro. Nice. Well played, guys, well played. Well played.

Good games. I heard that this is a champ here, so I’m going be taking him on in a one-v-one. All right. Good luck, man. Let’s do it. Oh, you’re right behind me.

Oh, my goodness. He keeps noob tubing me! I’m running away.

I’m getting away from him. Oh, he got me. Oh! I won. Ah, you did good. Guys, thank you so much for having me, by the way.

I had a blast. I’ve been fortunate to play video games my whole life. But coming to India is definitely an eye-opening experience. Dude, this is our gift to you.

Awesome. Thanks, man. Going to Ankit’s house and seeing his gaming set-up, it’s really similar to mine. But going to a gaming cafe is something I’ve never seen in the United States. There’s many different struggles to be a gamer here, in India – finding a PC, getting a console, and even getting a good internet connection so you can compete on a universal scale.

Overall, it was an awesome experience, seeing how players here in India game. And I definitely know that I’ll be seeing more people from India competing in tournaments in the future.