TECHNIQUE and the VOICE: the key to vocal freedom


TECHNIQUE and the VOICE: the key to vocal freedom

* Evan teaches all students from a classical technique perspective, be they opera students or pop or rock students. The truth is, technique is what truly sets the amateur apart from the professional-sounding singer. Even if the student is not aiming for a career in performance, through vocal study with Evan, they can be ready to do so. Classical singers are required to have impeccable technique, but even rappers can benefit from knowing how to use the vocal mechanism correctly. Vocal technique can be acquired without sacrificing musical style.

* Classical technique Evan teaches includes: correct and efficient posture, proper breathing technique and physiological understanding of the vocal mechanism, proper support and use of the body to best serve the voice, proper understanding of resonance and how to achieve an attractive and beautiful tone as well as an acoustical understanding of vowels and consonants, how to achieve proper legato line which is the ultimate aspect of beautiful singing, diction and enunciation, and languages and proper pronunciation as well as the intricacies of individual languages. This technique is further defined and crafted for varying musical styles.

* Evan also teaches her students musical interpretation, acting and the skills required for public performance. She works with her students not only on fully understanding the text of a piece of music but also what lies behind the text and how to communicate all of the facets of the piece to an audience.


I teach students of all ages, from the youngest child wanting to learn the basics of music to those who have decided to start something new and exciting a little later in life. I try to make lessons as educational and fun as I can. I am very easy going, yet at the same time require the work that it takes to progress. I start my students out with a routine for building a strong vocal foundation, including exercises, songs that will serve as exercises (such as classical or musical type pieces), and then we add songs of the students choosing. I have a CD of vocal exercises which contains almost one hour of vocal exercises with explanations for each of the exercises and helpful tips. I sell this to students for $9.00, and it has proven to be wonderful for all of my students so far. It is easy to use, and it makes practicing fly by! I have seen students improve tremendously with the use of this CD!
I encourage my students to perform in recitals. There are three recitals a year, fall semester, spring semester and summer semester. Performance in a recital is not required, however, if the student is prepared, I think it is a wonderful opportunity to experience the joys of achievement and of sharing their gift with others. Many times it is a life changing event, revealing to a person who is new to singing that they can truly do it!
I approach each student as an individual, but I also ensure that the student is singing in a way that is healthy. Many people do not know it, but it is very easy to cause irreparable damage to the vocal chords. This can be caused merely by singing (or speaking) incorrectly! I remind students of this very often, because it is of the utmost importance to me that this not happen. I have seen far too many singers who have had less than adequate technical skill, which causes this damage.