* Evan and Misha both have bachelors and masters degrees from reputable universities and music schools as well as substantial post-graduate experience.
* Both have not only American educations but also European performance experience and education.
* They have a strong classical technique background, which they apply to all forms and styles of music in their teaching as well as their own performance.
* Evan and Misha’s teaching styles are personalized and based on the student, not some monotonous method approach.
* They teach students of all ages and with all levels of previous musical experience.
* Both offer students performance opportunities in 7 recitals per year.
* Many of their students enter music programs at universities each year and place in local and national competitions.
* Misha and Evan have been teaching in the same location for over 8 years and enjoy a high rate of student return due to their friendly and professional teaching!

Misha V. Stefanuk and Evan Dozier-Stefanuk

Misha and Evan are extraordinary as soloists or as an ensemble. They have been married for almost five years and have been making wonderful music from the beginning. Misha is an acclaimed pianist of jazz and classical music and is experienced in most any genre. Evan is a soprano with a versatile voice. Trained classically at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University, she is experienced in singing classical, jazz, Broadway, pop and almost any music you can imagine.

Misha and Evan are experienced, professional and a pleasure with which to work! They are presently available to perform for any special occasion you have planned: weddings, receptions, parties, corporate events, funerals, birthday parties…the list goes on and on! Just contact them to discuss the details! You may request for either one or both of them to perform at your upcoming event! Do not hesitate to give them a call or send them an email to ask any questions you may have!


What you can expect to gain from our lessons:

  • a deep understanding of how the voice works from a physiological perspective as well as with the use of imagery
  • breath support, control and management
  • expanded vocal range
  • learn to perform with confidence and how to tackle stage fright
  • intensive acting and musical expression skills
  • vocal longevity: the ability to sing for longer on a given day as well as for your lifetime
  • know how to use the voice in a healthy and correct way to avoid vocal damage and possible ruin
  • impeccable enunciation/diction
  • dynamic control for more expressivity and flexibility
  • abdominal support as the most important foundational concept for singing
  • know how to choose music for your voice and how to alter music in order to have it fit your voice for the best possible vocal outcome
  • be able to sing in a vast variety of styles